Identity And Expression

We are an organic clothing brand that combines the world of anime and video games with a retro style and minimalist. Part of our collection is made with 100% stronger, softer & smoother organic ring spun cotton, the other collection is precisely printed, cut and hand sewn.

Japan is one of the leading countries in the fashion industry, it can be seen in all its glory simply by walking through its unique capital. From design experts to high-end fashion specialists, our brand combines simplism, uniqueness and elegance with a retro and conceptual style, making our brand a fresh and novel experience for those who decide to share our vision of dressing and expressing ourselves before the world. Part of our collection is made with organic cotton that has been grown in accordance with the guidelines of organic agriculture. Our designs are printed on fabric, which then gets cut and hand-sewn.

The Japanese Dragon

From Shenlong, the dragon god of Dragon Ball Z, to the dragon robot of Megaman 2, the Japanese dragon has been present in every masterpiece of the video games and Japanese animation industries. We could say that no RPG game would be complete without challenging ourselves against one of these wonderful mythological creatures.

At its essence, the Japanese dragon is known by two ways, ryū or tatsu, a huge and fantastic creature, more related to water than fire, due to the relationship of the Japanese archipelago with the ocean and the number of rivers and water channels in the territory. Unlike other dragons belonging to western mythologies, the Japanese dragon has no wings. Its serpentine body is full of scales, with short legs presented with 3 claws and a horned crocodile head. In many classic illustrations, deer skin, cat’s eyes, salamander’s nose, eagle’s claws, paws, lion’s mane, and catfish’s whiskers are featured.

Dragons in Japan are benevolent, representing wisdom and power. They live in lakes, rivers, and oceans, and their ability to fly is attributed to magic, so they took over clouds and storms. There are 6 types of Japanese dragon in popular culture. No matter what kind of dragon you look at, in Japanese culture you will find a deep admiration for them and infinite legends that came to life in Ancient literature, and that would later become an important part of cinema, video games, cartoons and Japanese pop culture in general.

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