• Metroid

    19 Things About Metroid

    Who would ever believe that, behind that characteristic space battlesuit armed to annihilate monstrous alien creatures, was hiding one of the most successful female protagonists in the history of video games (Samus Aran) who would lead the famous Metroid franchise to achieve unimaginable success, and who would conquer several decades of history, thus pleasing an …

  • A Brief History Of Video Games

    A Brief History Of Video Games

    Even though the history of videogames does not have its origins in Japan, the Japanese had an important influence from the first console. Once the Japanese decided to enter this great market, they took it, evolved it, made it their own, and did more for it than any other country. The Japanese have pursued gaming …

  • The Fashion of the Future

    The Fashion of the Future

    Imagine wearing something so stylish that you could redefine what is modern, to make it the fashion of the future. Simplicity and minimalism continue to be the frame of composition par excellence, shining with effects, colors, textures and typographies with personality, that stand out in controlled flat or graded backgrounds, helping the composition where the …

  • Video Games Tourism In Japan

    Video Games Tourism In Japan

    There are those who travel to the land of the Rising Sun to see the cherry blossoms, to visit ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, and there are those who just want to taste the vast gastronomy of the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo. Without a doubt, visiting Japan is to delve into its millenary culture that …

  • Video Game Industry

    Video Game Industry

    Did you know that the video game industry generates more than the film industry? Video games are no longer just a hobby, and labeling them as a niche market could be an understatement. The truth is that the video game industry is booming with a wide margin for growth. As technology facilitates innovation, the launch …

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