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Our Culture

Our Culture

The essence of our culture lies in connecting with humanity through anime, where clothing becomes a bond that unites us regardless of our roots. Anime, as an artistic expression, stands as a bridge beyond cultural differences, showcasing that the diversity of attire transforms into a shared language that brings us together.

Tokyo Arkade is a clothing brand that combines the world of anime & video games with a retro style. Each piece is meticulously & precisely printed, cut & hand sewn. We only sell 100 pieces of each, exclusive garments crafted in limited quantities.

It's a thrill to present the brand's new promotional video, a cinematic piece that captures our essence as a brand uniting cultures. Here, we present our journey.

In an era preceding memory, humans found in animal fabric the very essence of clothing. Skins they embraced with purpose, adorned with art, decorated with history and protected with instinct. Regardless of our culture, the way we dress connects us.

Voiceover (Japanese)

Directed & Written Kel Rose
Produced LabTwenty
First AD Vicky Card
CGI Noventa BPM
Voiceover Yurye Hayoi